VANCOUVER -- Fire crews in Vancouver are investigating a blaze that broke out in a wooded area of Stanley Park.

A witness called 911 Monday while walking his dog. He said he saw something orange flickering in the trees while he was on a trail close to the Stanley Park Teahouse.

A video he took of the fire shows a tall, hollow stump with large flames inside it.

"I noticed there was this weird sort of orange glint off to my left and there was this massive tree … on fire," Thomas Grier, who took the video and called 911, told CTV News Vancouver.

"It looked like the shell of a tree, the inside was gone, so a perfect spot for a fire to start."

Crews were able to access the scene quickly and stop the fire from spreading too far.

"We were lucky that there were two people walking on a rather remote trail," said Mike Sereda, battalion chief with Vancouver Fire Rescue Services.

"Had it not been for them we probably wouldn't have seen it until it was much bigger, then it would have been more of a problem for us."

Crews used water and foam to extinguish the flames. They also had to cut into the trunk to make sure all the embers were out.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.