VANCOUVER -- The driver of a Ferrari will be without their wheels for a week after they were caught going more than 100 km/h over the limit along the Sea to Sky Highway.

Squamish RCMP posted a picture to Twitter Sunday evening, saying the driver was going 189 km/h through Porteau Cove's 80 km/h zone. 

"Mr. Ferrari didn't know we were doing traffic enforcement all weekend with our traffic and seasonal teams," the post says. 

"We decided to keep the car for the next seven days!"

BC RCMP responded to the post, saying, "Want to drive fast? Trailer it to Mission speedway. Otherwise make insurance so expensive that it's not worth it to drive on public roads, ever."

While the tweet didn't indicate which day the Ferrari was impounded, it was posted the day after a major crash on the Sea to Sky – involving a Lamborghini – led to six people going to hospital. 

That luxury vehicle was part of the Diamond Hublot Rally, which happened over the weekend. Mounties said they weren't sure if the Ferrari was also part of the rally, but said in an emailed statement, "luxury cars are not a rare vehicle on the Sea to Sky."