The engines of one Vancouver Ferrari owner won’t be revving anytime soon after the driver crashed a red F40 on the way home from the Luxury and Supercar Weekend on Sunday.

The car, valued at more than $500,000 according to Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver, was on display at the car show at VanDusen Botanical Garden over the weekend.

After leaving the show, the car was travelling on Oak Street when the driver crashed into a pole, spewing the F40’s engine all over the pavement.

Police said the pole, valued at around $2,000, escaped the crash completely unscathed, and there was no damage to anything other than the car.

“Appears that it’s an unfortunate case of a very expensive car crashing,” said Const. Lindsey Houghton.

Houghton said speed and alcohol were not a factor and the driver simply lost control, possibly due to not being familiar with driving such a high-performance car.

Mark Edmonds, general manager of Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver, said there are only one or two F40s in Vancouver, and the owner isn’t one of their clients.

“The cars are extremely capable. If driven properly you should never crash on the road by yourself,” Edmonds said. “They’re very powerful, very quick, but handled with care they’re completely safe – my mom could drive a Ferrari.”

Unfortunately for this owner, his mom wasn’t driving Sunday afternoon.

Damage to the car is reportedly fixable, although damage to the driver’s wallet and ego might take a while to repair.