Robson Square was transformed into a catwalk Thursday for an event marking World Kidney Day.

The faux pas fashion show featured models impacted by kidney disease.

Living donors, transplant recipients and kidney patients hit the runway with parts of their outfits missing, to drive home the message that patients can lose 80 per cent of kidney function without knowing it.

"The symptoms of kidney disease often don't show up till the disease is very advanced," the Kidney Foundation's Deborah Tucker explained.

"We really want British Columbians to be kidney smart, to know the risk factors."

People of Asian, South Asian, Indigenous and African decent, as well as people with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are considered high risk for kidney disease.

The foundation wants people to talk to their doctor and get their kidney health checked out.

More information on topics including early detection, signs and symptoms is available on the Kidney Foundation website.