VANCOUVER -- A Langley man is cashing in on his passion and selling a handmade product to fishermen around the world.

Thirty-two-year-old Peter Long has been fly fishing since his teens and now he's passing along the fun.

“I knew how much of a struggle it was adapting to the sport,” he says.

It can be challenging learning the techniques but also figuring out what flies to use. He says different fish feed on different flies in different regions, all at different times of the year. 

Long spent years perfecting his craft and hand-making his own flies.

“There’s Willy buggers and leaches,” he points out, showing CTV News some of his hand-spun specimens.

“There's Damsel flies and dragons and skuds,” he continues.

In fact, there are hundreds of different kinds of flies with all kinds of crazy-sounding names -- some colourful and bright for salmon and other salt water fish, and others more subdued and subtle in nature.

He’s got them all for sale on his website, Freestone Fly Fishing Company. Monthly subscription boxes start at $25.

For each box, Long selects flies based on the season and region, and the patterns that will work.

“I’ve used all these flies and anything I put in my kits is something I’m confident is actually going to catch a fish,” he says.

You get at least a dozen or more flies a month for trout, and bigger, more complicated flies for salmon and other fish come in packages with six toeight flies. He says each shipment has a minimum retail value of $40.

Business has been so good he’s got the whole family involved and it keeps them fed.  Not the fish– that's catch and release.

Long's fly tying company has at least 500 memberships sold and it's still growing. It's something to consider as a gift this Father’s Day.