VANCOUVER -- Erica Wark is a stylist and fashion expert.

Wark joined CTV Morning Live to share the hottest trends when it comes to accessorizing in the fall season.

One of the items she opted to highlight was eyewear.

She showcased a variety of styles from Newlook Eyewear.

Glasses have become a huge trend as of late, not just for those that need them for eyesight, but blue light lenses and fashion frames have also been in demand.

Big and bold was the theme for jewelry and hair accessories.

Wark featured a variety of thick gold and silver chains that can complete a variety of fall looks.

Hair accessories are also having a big moment. Bold headbands and fun barrettes are the perfect pairing for those looking to tame their hair when the autumn wind and rain picks up.

The bold theme continued as Wark shared some handbag finds from Winners.

Not only did she share a bunch of affordable options, but many of them were statement pieces in stunning fall hues.

When it comes to fall outfits Wark could not leave without chatting shoes.

From loafers to animal print boots there is no shortage of ways to spice up the shoe closet.

Wark shared her latest finds from shoes4u.

As for the fall must-have this season, Wark says you can't go wrong with incorporating animal print.

Erica On Fashion: