Dead car batteries, frozen pipes, and skyrocketing energy bills - there isn't anyone out there who isn't affected by the cold weather in British Columbia.

But there are some tips that people can follow to get through the chilly weather.

Winter driving

Over at the B.C. Automobile Association's roadside assistance depot Monday, there were two bins full of dead batteries from just the last few days.

During the first three hours of business, the centre received 850 calls -- a nearly 30 percent increase from the week before.

Dead batteries aren't the only problem. Drivers are locking their keys in their cars while warming them up, and encountering doors that have frozen shut, said Ken Cousins, BCAA's road assist director.

BCAA says there a number of things motorists can do to help get through the wintery blast:

  • Install four matching winter tires
  • Carry an emergency kit and warm clothing
  • Allow extra travel time in bad weather
  • Travel with a charged cell phone
  • Avoid using overdrive or cruise control on slippery roads

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Frozen pipes

Something else to worry about as the winter settles in is frozen pipes.

There are several products on the market designed to prevent pipes from freezing, including simple foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to heat tape that will sense the temperature and keep it even.

Experts recommend homeowners drain water from pipes leading to outdoor faucets.

During freezing conditions, experts also recommend allowing a gentle trickle of both hot and cold water in an indoor faucet at night; it takes a lot more cold to freeze moving water.

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Energy consumption

Officials at BC Hydro meanwhile are encouraging customers to conserve during the winter.

They say it's important to make sure that insulation is up to speed.

They also recommend installing a programmable thermostat that comes on at pre-set times; this way you don't use electricity when on one is home or when everyone is asleep.

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