VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver police officer is making a public appeal in hopes a bicycle stolen from his home will be found and returned.

The expensive bike belongs to an organization helping raise money for sick children.

“Unfortunately a bike being stolen worth roughly $1,500, that could have helped another sick kid go to camp,” said VPD Const. Lee Marten.

For the last three years he’s signed up to ride in the Cops for Cancer "Tour De Coast."

It’s an annual event where police officers and first responders ride hundreds of kilometres together with bikes sometimes supplied by the Canadian Cancer Society.

The one given to Marten was stolen from his Richmond, B.C. home on Friday.

He's now desperate to get it back.

"If you are watching this," Marten said in a television interview with CTV News, "and you want to drop the bike off at the Richmond RCMP or any other police station, we can leave it at that."

The stolen bike won't stop Marten from riding in the event this month, but it sits on his conscience.

“I’ve had bikes stolen before but this one’s special because it belongs to the Canadian Cancer Society. I don’t think the crook knew that,” said Marten.

He wants anyone that sees the bike to call 911.