CTV News video showing an unidentified person walking through Stanley Park an hour after a fatal stabbing has become part of the police investigation into the murder.

The victim, 61-year-old Lubo Kunik, was attacked on the seawall near Second Beach pool shortly before 11 p.m. on Feb. 1.

Weeks later, the murder remains unsolved, with no clear suspect or motive, but police are hoping CTV's video could help move the case forward.

"Right now, we may have pieces A, B, C and F, and we may able to fill in the gaps here with some information that you guys have been able to provide us," Const. Jason Doucette said Thursday.

The video, which was handed over to authorities in compliance with a court order, was captured on the dashboard camera of a cameraman who was headed to the crime scene roughly an hour after Kunik's body was discovered.

The short clip shows a pedestrian in a blue jacket and dark pants walking some distance away, down the sidewalk on Stanley Park Drive near Lions Gate Bridge.

It's unclear whether the individual is connected in any way to the stabbing, but Doucette said investigators will be studying the video closely for anything that could help shed light on the mystery.

"If it's a suspect, we're definitely interested. If it's a witness, we're definitely interested," Doucette said.

A person of interest was arrested at the scene the night Kunik was attacked, but later released. Police said that individual remains on their radar.

The seawall murder was the second disturbing attack committed in the park in recent months, both of which appear to have been random.

In the first incident, an elderly man was severely assaulted in the parking lot north of Brockton Oval in the early morning hours of Nov. 16. He remains in hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery.

No suspects have been identified in that attack either, but a man in a light sports coat who was recorded walking with a limp through the same part of the park that morning is considered a person of interest.

Doucette said police are not ruling out the possibility that the person recorded on CTV's video is the same man.

While the investigations into both cases continue, the Vancouver Police Department has warned the public not to go into the park alone after dark. They have also upped foot and mounted patrols in the area.

Anyone who notices suspicious behaviour in the park, or who witnessed something around the time of either attack, is asked to call police.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's David Molko