BOYLE, Alta. - A British Columbia woman who was caught driving 215 kilometres an hour on a northern Alberta highway has been given the maximum fine for speeding that any provincial court in the province can hand down.

RCMP say Samantha Bookey, who is 30 and a resident of Aldergrove in the Lower Mainland, was ordered to pay $2,300 by a justice of the peace in Boyle provincial court on Tuesday.

Court heard Bookey was northbound in her Acura TL on Highway 63 on Aug. 14, 2017, when police radar tagged her going 105 km/h over the legal limit.

Police say she told an officer who stopped her that she was in a hurry because she was going to Fort McMurray and was excited about nearing the end of her trip.

Mounties also say that during the traffic stop, officers learned of a complaint about the same car being driven fast and illegally passing other vehicles close to a school not long before Bookey was pulled over.

She has one year to pay the fine and faces the possibility of 25 days in jail if she fails to meet the deadline.