An independent police investigation has upheld its complaints against former Vancouver Police chief Jamie Graham.

Pivot, a Vancouver-based legal advocacy organization, has issued a release saying Delta Police Department Chief Constable Jim Cessford has found Graham guilty of discreditable conduct.

Pivot says Cessford's report determined Graham failed to co-operate with an RCMP probe of 50 allegations of misconduct against Vancouver police, filed by Pivot on behalf of Downtown Eastside residents.

The society also says the final report from Police Complaint Commissioner Dirk Ryneveld has been released and notes Graham will not punished because he is now retired and ineligible for appropriate discipline.

Ryneveld's report also says, while not discounting Pivot's concerns or the finding of discreditable conduct, it is not in the public interest to hold a public hearing into the matter.

Ryneveld's final report is dated Aug. 12, but Pivot, as the complainant, says it was not advised of the result or given a copy of the report until Oct. 17.

With a report from The Canadian Press