VANCOUVER - A B.C. man who is alleged to have created a revenge website aimed at destroying his ex-wife's reputation has been charged with criminal harassment and a firearms offence.

Patrick Fox remains in custody after an indictment was sworn against last Friday and he is expected to appear in provincial court in Vancouver today.

Earlier this year, B.C. Crown lawyers ruled a criminal harassment charge could not be laid against Fox, because of a lack of evidence that Desiree Capuano, his ex-wife, had an "objective basis to fear for her safety."

In an interview in February, Fox said he would never physically harm Capuano, but confirmed he created the website to cause "as much damage to her reputation and life as possible."

After charges were declined in February, B.C. Justice Minister Suzanne Anton said authorities could take another look at the case if further evidence surfaced.

The indictment says Fox is alleged to have criminally harassed Capuano between January 2015 and May 2016 and that he is alleged to have possessed a prohibited firearm between May 26 and June 17 of this year.