From camping equipment and cameras, snowboards and silverware, to designer clothes and defibrillators, the Vancouver police's annual Recovered Goods Auction is well-known for having everything including the kitchen sink. And in this weekend's sale, there actually are three kitchen sinks – and even a couple bathroom sinks.

Thousands of stolen items that couldn’t be returned to their rightful owners will be on the block in Surrey Saturday at 9 a.m. The public will get a two-day preview of the myriad of things on Thursday and Friday.

All the usual items will be up for grabs, including sporting goods, power tools and bags of personal care items like razors and water picks. High end sneakers and musical instruments help fill out the space, but it’s the roughly 300 bicycles that dominate the floor at Able Auctions.

A 14-karat white gold ring laden with about 2.5 carats worth of diamonds is one of the most expensive items at this year's auction. It’s listed with a replacement value of $4,900.

“We think the total value is around $200,000 worth of items," said the Vancouver police’s social media officer, Const. Anne-Marie Clark. “By far my favourite item are the armour legs from the suit of armour because it’s such a random thing.”

On the off chance that you don’t need a used pair of greaves for your next joust, maybe a dental x-ray machine could come in handy. There are two available.

If you do come to the auction and find something that belongs to you, there’s no need for a bidding war.

“Should an owner come by and see something that belongs to them, let any of our auction staff know right away and we’ll pull that item from the auction” said Clark. “We’ll start an investigation and do everything we can to reunite them with their property.”