VANCOUVER -- A major search is underway after a report of a plane crash in the Fraser River Saturday afternoon, but police say nothing has been found yet and no planes have been reported overdue.

Cpl. Chris Manseau, a media liaison officer with the RCMP, told CTV News Vancouver the emergency response was prompted by a single report. He said police have checked with local airports and no planes have been reported overdue, and no one has been reported missing.

“The report came in just before 1:30 this afternoon and nothing has actually been confirmed just yet, but we’re not going to give up just at this moment until we know 100 per cent for sure that there hasn’t been a plane crash,” Manseau said.

Resources from Fraser Valley Search and Rescue, Maple Ridge Search and Rescue, Maple Ridge Fire Department and the Abbotsford Police Department have all been involved in the search. Crews are also searching dykes and from bridges.

“The report was obviously taken seriously enough where we deployed all resources and contacted search and rescue,” Manseau said. “We want to make sure that all avenues have been exhausted before we make a final decision on whether this was a legitimate event. At this time, we’re treating it as such.”

A spokesperson for BC Emergency Health Services told CTV News Vancouver crews were called to the intersection of 272 Street and Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge around 1:22 p.m.

Police requested the ambulance crews because of a report of a plane crash, the spokesperson said. Four ground ambulances and one air ambulance were dispatched to the scene and are staging on the Maple Ridge side of the river.

As of 2:20 p.m., no patients had been transported to hospital, and no plane had been located, according to EHS.