An 89-year-old Alzheimer's patient has avoided eviction from a Vancouver nursing home after the facility agreed to a treatment plan that doesn't involve sedatives.

Heather Elliott wouldn't allow nurses at St. Jude's Nursing Home to administer sedatives to her mother Ellen, whom staff said was agitated and not sleeping. They also said Ellen may have entered other residents' rooms at night.

Elliott was told last month that if she did not agree to the medication plan, Ellen would be forced to leave the home.

But St. Jude's has changed its position after a facilitator came in to review the case.

"She facilitated a treatment plan for my mother that didn't involve sedatives or sedative-like medications," Elliott told CTV News.

"My mother is not going to be evicted; she's not going to be committed to a geriatric psychiatric facility."

The new treatment plan will be reviewed in the fall.