In a move designed to put more money back into the pockets of Canadian farmers, the federal government has rolled out a unique way to help consumers buy Canadian.

The pilot project, launched today at Vancouver's Stong's Market, identifies Canadian foods through banners, signs, on-shelf displays as well as in-store and online retail flyers.

It's hoped consumers will start to choose Canadian food products first and buy local whenever they can. The items are labeled with a white sticker adorned with a red maple leaf.

The government launched the new signage in response to the nearly $4 billion in losses suffered by Canadian food manufacturers in the past two years.

Ted Johnston, President of the Alberta Food Processors Association, said the initiative is a great start to help the long-term success of Canadian food processing.

"Many issues remain but we are positive that this important first step will continue to move the industry forward," Johnston told reporters Monday.

Most shoppers who spoke to CTV News at Strong's were in favour of the idea.

"I'd rather support Canadian stuff than buy things from China. We like to buy locally as much as we can," one shopper said.

"I would be more inclined to buy something Canadian," another added.

The labels will begin appearing today in B.C. stores.

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