The driver responsible for a February 2010 crash that killed two young men and injured three other youths has been sentenced to three years in prison for drunk and dangerous driving.

Baldip Chandi was behind the wheel when five-seat sedan carrying seven people lost control, struck a light standard, flipped in the air and rolled over in Burnaby B.C. The car was headed home from a birthday party in downtown Vancouver.

Chandi, a new driver, blew nearly double the legal limit for alcohol at the scene. He was originally charged with 10 offences, but pleaded guilty to two.

As part of the sentence handed down in Vancouver provincial court on Thursday, Chandi will be banned from driving for 10 years.

Cory Manson, whose 18-year-old brother Ferdie Carrion was killed in the crash, said that no amount of jail time will make up for her loss.

"I'm not happy with the sentence, but that's how our justice system works," she told reporters outside the court.

"It's kind of nice to have the closure, but it still isn't even enough."

Alyssa Alanis was injured in the crash, which killed her 20-year-old boyfriend Angelo Reyno. She said the collision has changed her life forever.

"I had a wonderful life before the accident, but after the accident I knew I had to live a new life," Alanis said.

She added that she's not sure if she can forgive Chandi.

"Am I supposed to forgive him? To forgive someone who killed my boyfriend, I don't know. To forgive someone who ruined my life, I don't know," she said.

The court heard that Chandi crashed the car, which belonged to his mother, just 10 minutes after leaving the party venue. The birthday girl was in the passenger seat wearing a seatbelt, but none of the five people packed into the backseat were buckled in.

A taxi driver who happened upon the crash scene testified that Chandi reeked of booze and asked him not to call 911.

The three people injured in the crash all have lasting brain injuries and will require a lifetime of rehabilitation. One young man suffered 33 broken bones in his face.

During Chandi's sentencing hearing, the judge was presented with 34 letters of recommendation from people who said that they believed the young man was remorseful and ready to turn his life around.

Families of the crash victims have filed a lawsuit against the young man.

With a report from CTV British Columbia Bhinder Sajan