Neither driver in the head-on crash that killed two teens in Maple Ridge this weekend should have been driving, according to information from B.C. Mounties.

Seventeen-year-old Dawson Spencer died when the van he was driving crossed the centre line and crashed into a car early Sunday morning on Dewdney Trunk Road. Eighteen-year-old Crystal Weaver, one of two passengers in the second vehicle, was also killed.

RCMP say Spencer had an "L" licence, while the driver of the car had an "N," meaning that neither should have been on the road. L drivers require an adult supervisor, while N drivers are limited to a single passenger.

"We've confirmed that the driver of the van, the young man killed in the crash, was in definite contravention of his L driving privileges. The girl in the Honda was in probable contravention of her N," Sgt. Dale Sommerville told CTV News.

He added that there are allegations that the van belonged to Spencer's grandmother and he may not have had permission to drive it. Investigators say the van was likely speeding, and alcohol is being considered as a possible factor.

The two boys who were passengers in Spencer's van both remain in hospital, and a second passenger in the car is in an induced coma.

Loved ones are urging teens to slow down and take more care behind the wheel.

Spencer's friend Nicole Jackson said, "He never thought it would come to this and we never thought it would come to this either."

Weaver's stepfather, Al Tulev, described her as a kind person with a positive attitude. He says he wants parents to be more vigilant about their teenagers' safety.

"Know where your kids are. Late at night, two and three in the morning, that's when the worst things happen, because you don't want to get a knock at the door like I did," he said.

Counsellors spent the day working with students and staff at area high schools, and mourners dropped off flowers and exchanged hugs in memory of the two teens.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Bhinder Sajan