VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver man claims he and his wife were the victims of a road rage incident caught on camera, and says he is disappointed with the response from local police.

The incident happened on Jan. 2 as Greg Sheridan drove northbound in the left lane on the Oak Street Bridge with his wife in the passenger seat.

Sheridan claims the driver of a black BMW approached them rapidly from behind, getting very close before braking.

“The person aggressively tailgated me, flashed their lights at me several times,” Sheridan said. “And then as soon as he seemed to have some space to get into the right hand lane, attempted to pass.”

The black BMW was only in the right lane for a second when it pulled alongside the Volkswagen Sheridan was driving and then suddenly swung to the left, colliding with Sheridan’s vehicle before pulling in front of it.

Sheridan thinks the other driver initiated the crash on purpose.

“When he had nowhere to go to pass me, he drove sideways into my car, making no attempt to slow down or stop, and then continued,” he said.

“We were pretty nervous because clearly this person was very aggressive and we didn’t know what he was capable of.”

Sheridan followed the BMW off the bridge and onto a side street while on the phone with 911.

He said the dispatcher told him because there were no serious injuries, police would not be dispatched.

Sheridan claims the other driver attempted to blame him for the crash as the two exchanged information.

He filed a claim with ICBC, who eventually provided him with dash cam footage another driver had submitted after witnessing the incident.

Sheridan handed that footage over to Richmond RCMP, hoping the Mounties would take some action against the other driver, but more than two weeks later says he’s frustrated to learn that hasn’t happened.

“That’s what I’d be looking for ultimately is some sort of charges against him for intentionally putting others at harm on the road,” he said.

In response to questions from CTV News, Richmond RCMP said it cannot comment on the incident because it is still under investigation. 

However, the next day the RCMP said its officers have been in contact with the victim and that they will be taking action, but at this point are looking at the "most appropriate avenue to take."

Police confirmed the vehicle that struck Sheridan's was a rental.