Surrey RCMP have arrested a man suspected of spraying the driver and several passengers on a bus in the city Saturday night.

The incident took place at roughly 7:45 p.m., at a stop for the 326 bus on 140th Street near 90th Avenue. The suspect allegedly boarded the bus and released the pepper spray inside.

Police told CTV News they were able to locate the suspect because the main victim recognized the assailant. The suspect will likely be charged with assault with a weapon, police said.

According to TransLink, the driver of the bus and several passengers were treated at the scene. There were no significant injuries in the attack.

Passengers were put onto another bus, and the vehicle where the attack took place was taken away to be cleaned, TransLink said.

Jasdeep Kaur told CTV News she takes the 326 bus to work and school almost every day. As she waited Sunday morning at the stop where the incident occurred, she said it was startling to learn that there had been an assault there less than 24 hours earlier.

“It kind of shocked me for a minute, like, it happened on my bus,” Kaur said. “Every day I take the bus, so that’s kind of surprising for me.”

She said she’s never felt unsafe taking the bus in the area.