VANCOUVER -- Vancouver police have fined the driver of a pickup truck nearly $2,000 for several violations.

Officers were doing traffic enforcement on Knight Street near East 41st Avenue the night of Feb. 23 when officers pulled over a Ford pickup truck for having an insecure load.

Driver with insecure load

Police said after they'd pulled the vehicle over, other violations were "immediately apparent," which included flashlights being used as headlights and tail lights and driving with an obscured licence plate.

The driver was fined $598 for having no insurance, $109 for failing to display their current plate, $288 for having an insecure load in a commercial vehicle, $598 for failing to comply with an order and $327 for three other equipment offences.

In total, the driver was fined $1,920, and their vehicle was taken to Busters Towing, according to Vancouver police.

"Officers are working with ICBC to see if there is something more they can do to prevent his person from driving," Const. Tania Visintin said in an emailed statement.

Police said the driver has nine previous convictions for driving without insurance as well as multiple equipment-related offences.