VANCOUVER -- Dr. Bonnie Henry has emerged as the face of calm control, leading B.C. through its pandemic response with uncanny empathy and relatability along with an emphasis on data, evidence and science.

The epidemiologist is now celebrated as the face of nerds everywhere.

A grade-school photo of the bespectacled blonde has gone viral, capturing seven-year-old Bonnie before she was Dr. Henry, the future provincial health officer flashing a toothy grin, her bob clipped to the side with a barrette matching her plaid pinafore.

There's no denying she's adorable.

The portrait is leveraged in a marketing campaign for Science World, capitalizing on the leadership and popularity of B.C.'s top doctor to drive home the importance of evidence-based research and inquiry in scientific fields – the backbone of STEAM literacy and the purview of "nerds" everywhere.

"A nerd is someone who loves what they love, no matter what," Science World declares in a press release. "They bring passion, wonder and curiosity to everything they do. Nerds are all-in. That's the nerd way. Always 100 per cent because 110 per cent is not scientifically possible."

No need for hyperbole in science. The facts say it all.

"The world needs more people like this. Wonder seekers. Problem solvers. World changers."

Science World is appealing for donors to support its ongoing operations and keep the doors to the dome open. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced the non-profit to close, eliminating much of its revenue when the province went into a state of emergency in March.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is also featured in the campaign alongside Dr. Henry. No childhood photo of him has been released – as of yet.

The fundraising campaign suggests multiples ways people can donate, including by nominating the "nerdiest nerd" to raise money in their honour as well as holding a contest to compare experiments.