Mounties are investigating after a dog attack at a popular park in Langley left one animal dead. 

According to the RCMP, a man was walking his Labrador in Noel Booth Park around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when another dog darted out of some bushes and started biting it.

The attacking dog, described as a Cane Corso, then clamped down on the Labrador’s neck, Mounties said.

The Labrador’s owner eventually managed to fight the dog off, then he held it down while someone else called 911. Police said the Cane Corso died while being restrained.

It’s believed the attacking dog lived near the park and somehow managed to escape from its yard.

It’s not clear how badly the Labrador was injured, or if its owner was hurt during the scuffle. Neighbours told CTV News the Labrador is a senior dog that is deaf. 

The RCMP is expected to release more information on the incident Wednesday.