NDP Leader Adrian Dix has returned from a trip to Hollywood to look for ways to save B.C.’s film industry, but wouldn’t go into details about his plan moving forward.

Dix was in southern California for meetings with studio executives from 20th Century Fox, Disney and Warner Brothers to discuss B.C’s industry and the importance of jobs here.

His trip was sparked by recent concern from members of the B.C. film industry about business moving to Ontario and Quebec due to higher tax incentives.

Dix said the California trip was useful to send messages about B.C. film to important players in the industry.

“We were able to relate to them a very clear message [about] the unity and the strength that the industry has shown here and advocate for the industry, which hasn’t happened for a little while on our side,” said Dix.

About 4,000 members of the B.C. film industry showed up at a rally Tuesday to call for more competitive tax credits, but so far Premier Christy Clark has said she won’t bow down to their demands.

Dix has said tax incentives are something he’d be willing to consider, but didn’t commit to a concrete plan upon his return from the States.

“We’re going to assess it,” said Dix. “We want to make sure we get it right. I think it’s clear that we need a government that says the film industry in B.C. has a strong future.”