Wildlife rescue workers are trying to arrange safe passage home for a yellow-bellied marmot who hitched a ride at a truck stop and wound up hundreds of kilometres away in the big city.

It's believed the marmot hopped onto an Imperial Oil rig that had parked just outside Kamloops, then rode for hours all the way to Burnaby on a farcical journey that could double as the plot of a family film.

He was discovered at a truck depot, trapped and turned over to the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia.

Spokeswoman Yolanda Brooks said the animal is happy, healthy and eating a lot, but should be sent back into the wild as soon as possible.

The organization has a permit to release the marmot on Skull Mountain in Barriere, located about 65 kilometres north of Kamloops – but it needs a ride.

"If there's anyone who might be going that way, he'll be in a kennel or box and he'll be fed. You don't need to have any expertise," Brooks said.

Even a driver who could transport the marmot to Kamloops would be of great help, Brooks added. If necessary, a freight company may be asked to complete the last leg of the journey.

The Wildlife Rescue, located in Burnaby, takes in about 3,000 animals annually. Of the few marmots the group encounters, this is the second in as many years to hitch a ride into Metro Vancouver.

Brooks said the species appears to have a curious propensity for climbing aboard cars and trucks.

"These things happen rarely," Brooks said. "When it does, in my experience, we don't tend to see it with any other species."

Anyone interested in helping can call the Wildlife Rescue Association at 604-526-2747