A home renovation or build is an exciting time. However, designing your space can often be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best finishes and solid surfaces. On CTV Morning Live we had interior designer Trisha Isabey on to learn about some of the latest trends and types of products available when it comes to picking solid surfaces for your next project.

Many of us are familiar with granite, marble and quartz. All of these materials have different attributes and limitations. For example marble is quite porous, which can easily stain. Granite needs to be sealed to prevent wear. Quartz is quite resilient; however it is less resistant to heat than granite. In addition it can't be used outside. Isabey introduced us to a quartz manufacturer that has made some exciting innovations. She explained that Dekton, by the Spanish company Cosentino, has many positive attributes and can be applied in a variety of ways to your household.

To create Dekton 20 raw materials are ground into a powder and placed into a 25 000 tonne press. It is then baked into a 1200 degree oven. As a result Isabey explained that it can withstand extreme amounts of pressure as well as cold and heat. It does not stain or fade and Isabey mentioned that it can be used both indoors and out.

Isabey shared that Dekton comes in different thicknesses, which equates to a broad range of prices to fit your budget. It also means that it can be used in your home in a variety of ways. The possibilities are vast as it can be utilized on countertops, kitchen cupboards, feature walls and even flooring. This provides endless possibilities to add style to your home.

Dekton comes in 60 different based on the latest trends. Isabey took the time to let us know what colours and looks are in style for your home decor. Check out the videos from CTV Morning Live to learn more.


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