Two former customers of a boat dealership in Surrey have claimed they're out tens of thousands of dollars. Customers allege its business practices have led to significant personal losses.

"I've called many, many, many times. If you call Breakwater Marine, you just get an answering machine," said Robert Studimen.

The Abbotsford man alleges that when he signed a consignment contract with the dealership, the dealer later sold his boat without his signature, and without giving him proceeds from the transaction. Studimen said he confirmed the sale through the dealer’s accounting department, and is now waiting for $20,000.

“The boat was sold. They wouldn’t give me a date. They just told me the boat was sold and that I needed to talk to Aaron [Fell] about getting paid for the boat,” Studimen added.

Another customer, Nick Wu, alleges when he brought his boat in for repair, it was later sold without his knowledge. He claims he’s now out $42,000, as there is still a lien on the boat.

“Just total shock. And then I was livid afterward. What do you mean you sold my boat,” Wu said. “I don’t know how that works because technically, I have not signed a single piece of paper. I never signed a consignment or sale, nothing.”

The gates at the dealership are closed, now locked with chains. When reached by phone, the owner of Breakwater Marine denied the allegations made by Wu.

“So, that’s not the case. He didn’t bring it in for repair, he brought it in for sale,” said Aaron Fell over the phone. “His boat is going to be paid out this week and he will be satisfied in full.”

“I know of the complaints and they’re getting fixed," Fell said.

Fell also denied the allegations made by Studimen. He explained the dealership is closed temporarily for a family emergency, but said both customers will receive their money in the coming days.

RCMP cannot confirm or deny they are investigating complaints against Breakwater Marine.

Several complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau, where the dealership has an ‘F’ rating for failure to respond to three complaints.