It is undeniable that life is busy and time can often feel like it is in short supply. That is why I am constantly looking for ways to make quick and easy meals. Personally this can be problematic at times as my cooking skills are slightly lacking.

Naturally, like many of you I think that pizza is always a great idea and Freshslice Pizza has introduced a way to turn your own home into a pizzeria. Their new Take 'N' Bake pizzas come in personal and grande size and are made fresh in store in 3 minutes. Your pizza is carefully wrapped and sealed with instructions for when you return home. Once you are ready to enjoy at your convenience you can opt to bake or barbecue your pizza and it only takes 8 minutes. I had the chance to try this in my home on CTV Morning Live and it was so simple. Even with my limited kitchen skills my pizza was perfection.

During my recent in store visit to Freshslice Pizza I had the chance to learn about their new charity Freshslice Cares. Their primary initiative will be to contribute financially to sports associations and facilitate and promote youth sports. It's always great to see a charity that has benefits that can be seen within your local community. With 75 Freshslice locations in British Columbia they aim to do just that. Their goal is to raise $100 000 within the first year.

Hungry yet? Right now you can get a personal Take 'N' Bake feast or 4 topping pizza for just $2.99. In addition, with Freshslice Cares launching on August 11th they are giving away by donation 50 personal Take 'N' Bake pizzas throughout the province between 4 and 8 p.m.

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