VANCOUVER -- More flights through Vancouver have been added to the province's COVID-19 exposure warning list.

The BC Centre for Disease Control posted details about three flights – which are all domestic – on Monday. 

The three flights are:

  • Sept 4: Air Canada flight 242 from Vancouver to Edmonton (rows 22 to 28)
  • Sept. 5: Air Transat flight 771 from Vancouver to Montreal (rows 32 to 38)
  • Sept. 8: Air Transat flight 932 from Toronto to Vancouver (rows five to nine)

Passengers who were seated in the identified rows may be at greater risk of exposure to COVID-19, the BCCDC warns.

Over the weekend, the BCCDC added several other flights to its warning list, including four domestic flights and an international one from San Francisco.  

More than a dozen flights have been added to the BCCDC's exposure warning list so far this month. In August, more than 80 trips were added to provincial and federal warning lists.

Health officials in B.C. no longer directly contact people who were seated near someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 on a flight. Health authorities now provide updates on flights with confirmed cases and post notices online.