VANCOUVER -- Travellers on several more trips through Vancouver International Airport are being warned of possible COVID-19 exposure on their flights.

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control posted details about another six trips Tuesday, and corrected information about a flight they had previously identified.

Everyone on these flights is encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, while those arriving internationally are required to isolate for 14 days upon arrival. 

The flights added to the exposure warning list are:

  • Sept. 9 – Air Canada flight 242 from Vancouver to Edmonton (rows 18 to 24)
  • Sept. 9 – Air India flight 1143 from Delhi to Vancouver (rows 30 to 36)
  • Sept. 10 – WestJet flight 138 from Vancouver to Calgary (rows seven to 13)
  • Sept. 12 – WestJet flight 720 from Vancouver to Toronto (rows four to 10)
  • Sept. 15 – Air Canada flight 107 from Toronto to Vancouver (rows 27 to 30)
  • Sept. 17 – Air Canada flight 127 from Toronto to Vancouver (rows 35 to 41)

Passengers seated in the specified rows may be at a greater risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the BCCDC says.

The BCCDC also says the Sept. 10 Philippine Air flight 116 actually flew from Manila and landed in Vancouver. When the flight was originally added to the list on Sunday, the departure and arrival locations were reversed. 

More than 40 flights have been added to the BCCDC's exposure warning list so far this month. Even so, Health Canada told CTV News Vancouver that, as of Monday, there was no confirmed COVID-19 transmission on domestic flights within Canada, or on international flights to or from Canada. 

Health officials in B.C. no longer directly contact people who were seated near someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Instead, health authorities post notices online about flights with confirmed cases.