RICHMOND -- A couple moving back to Metro Vancouver after a year living in the United States has been left heartbroken after thieves stole their rented U-Haul truck, making off with everything they own.

Drummer Terry Russell and his wife Debbie moved to Long Beach, Calif., so he could pursue his dream of a career in music, but after giving it a shot, decided to return to the Lower Mainland.

The pair said their drive north was scenic but uneventful – until they crossed the border.

"We parked at the Travelodge in Richmond and the next morning our truck was gone, including our car,” said Terry. “Everything we own was in that truck."

They made the discovery after waking up Saturday morning and immediately called police.

“The Richmond RCMP are actively working on locating the U-Haul containing the belongings, as well as locating the suspects responsible,” RCMP said in a statement.

"They asked if we have serial numbers,” said Terry. “Oh yeah, we've got that all written down. In a box. In the truck."

Among the stolen items are Terry’s drums, which he says are distinctively painted red on the inside.

RCMP did manage to find the trailer carrying the couple’s SUV – but the pair are not confident they’ll ever see other important items again.

"Things passed on to me from my family and Terry's family,” said Debbie through tears. “It doesn't matter about the other materialistic stuff. I just want the important things back."

They hope their frustrating experience can be a lesson to others that a moving truck loaded with possessions is a very appealing target for thieves.

"Apparently this happens a lot, and when it does, it is devastating,” said Terry. “We don't have insurance or anything."

The couple’s friends have started a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise enough to help the Russells get back on their feet.