A total of 71 UBC students have elected to live in the university's smallest on-campus apartments.

The units are in the new Exchange building, located above the bus loop.

“That project was in partnership with Translink,” David Kiloh, UBC housing facilities director told CTV News in an interview. “They rent for $700 per month.”

In a video provided by UBC, one third-year student recorded a tour of her space, the first time she saw it.

“This is so nice,” said Yvonne Ko as she walked into her apartment for the first time. “Look how big the window is. I love this.”

The option is a new, more affordable one for students who wish to remain on campus but have their own apartment.

“It includes a full bathroom with a full kitchen,” said Kiloh, though it does have fewer “appliances than other larger apartments.”

Another interesting feature is the bed. It “folds down on top of the desk to conserve space,” Kiloh explained.

The building also has other amenities such as a games room, study lounge and gym.

Throughout the video Ko demonstrated how she was trying to fit all her belongings into a room that’s less than 4 metres by 4 metres.

“I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in here,” she said, but “everything fits fine.”

This weekend is move-in weekend across the UBC campus. Some 5,000 students are moving in ahead of the start of school on Sept. 3.