Two Italian sports cars were involved in a crash in the Massey Tunnel Thursday evening.

The cars were passing southbound through the tunnel shortly before midnight when a red Lamborghini rear-ended a blue Ferrari, RCMP said.

No one was injured, but police said both vehicles would likely be "written off."

Officers described the drivers -- males in their 20s -- as inexperienced. Both of the vehicles displayed novice driver stickers, but police said only one of the drivers was a novice. The other had a Class 5 licence. 

It is not known what caused the vehicles to crash, but Sgt. Lorne Lecker said speed does not appear to be a factor.

The driver of the Lamborghini has been charged with following too close under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Thursday's crash is not the first time in recent years that inexperienced drivers in high-end cars have caught the attention of law enforcement.

"It's very tempting to give into the urge," Lecker said.

"These cars have a great deal of power and it's very easy to give into the impulse to try to use that power. And on these roads, it can be very dangerous."

The luxury car market is growing, with 3,000 registered in the province this past year. The Insurance Bureau of B.C. said the number represents an increase of 30 per cent.