The RCMP was asking the families of missing people to take a close look at five running shoes that were shown to the public for the first time on Thursday. 

The were on view at a press conference in Vancouver for the first time since human feet began washing up on British Columbia's shores a year ago. But in spite of this latest development, there are still no breakthroughs in this baffling case.

Foot number one was found on August 20th of last year on Jedidah island. It's a men's size 12 campus running shoe It was produced in 2003 and distributed primarily in India.

The second foot was discovered on August 26th of last year on Gabriola Island. It's a size 12 men's Reebok. It was distributed in North America, beginning in march of 2004.

The third foot washed up on february 2nd, 2008 on Valdes Island. It's a men's Nike size 11 . It was distributed in North America betwen February and June of 2003. This foot matches another foot found at the mouth of the Fraser River.

The fourth foot was located on May 22nd on Kirkland Island. It's a women's size seven New Balance, the only women's foot thus far. The shoe was produced in June of 1999.

The fifth foot, the match for number three, washed up on Westham Island on June 16th.

RCMP Spokeswoman Const. Annie Linteau said police are inviting anyone who has had a missing loved one last seen wearing those shoes to call the information line 1-866-504-3888.

While they wait for phone calls, police are comparing the DNA from the feet to a list of missing people. Police say 159 women and 113 men have been were identified as possible matches, based on when the shoes were first made.

"We have no evidence to suggest the feet have been severed. We have not ruled out any possibilities and we have to be aware that these could be homicide victims,'' Linteau said

Police know all the shoes came from  the Georgia Strait, south of the Vancouver Island community of Campbell River.

That's the region where Arnie Feast loved to fly. It also the area where the plane he was piloting went down three years ago. His body, and three others, have never been recovered from a plane crash off Quadra Island three years ago.

When feet started washing up on B.C. shores his sister wondered: could it be Arnie?. But on Thursday, Sall Feast found, found out: it is not.  "It's sad in one way, and a relief in another way,'' she said.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Carrie Stefanson