Police in New Westminster, B.C., hope an anonymous tipster will step up -- again -- as investigators try to crack a 14-year-old case.

Sgt. Gary Weishaar says the tipster recently contacted police about the June 20, 1996 accident that killed three-year-old Megan Gunderson.

Investigators believe the details are crucial to finding the driver of the red 1990's Plymouth or Dodge van that hit the little girl as she played in front of her home.

Police are now appealing to the tipster to contact them again, saying the person's information is invaluable to the case.

Gunderson's parents are also urging the driver of the van to come forward.

They plan to issue a statement on Friday as police show off an enlarged photo of the little girl and a picture of the suspect van in an effort to jog memories about the tragic incident.