We had the chance to travel to Trail Appliances in Richmond and do some rooftop baking with our friends at Cookina. Cookina has coined themselves as cooking made clever. That is exactly what it felt like during our CTV Morning Live segments as we had the opportunity to do some baking on the grill.

The first items we made were oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Baking is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when we fire up the barbecue. However, with cookina barbecue grilling sheets it is very easy to execute and will give your summer guests a surprise. The sheet went directly on the grill and from there we added our dough batter to it. In a matter of minutes the delicious smell of fresh baking was eminating from the barbecue. The cookies were easy to flip and remove when they were done due to the non stick surface. The grill itself was left clean and the sheet was easily washable for future use. One of the most fascinating characteristics of our Cookina baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies was the fact that they had grill marks on them. They were delightfully crispy on the outside with a gooey chocolate chip centre.

The second item we made on the grill was a classic campfire smore. We used the Cookina Paks barbecue. The paks can be used for steaming vegetables or fish, but in this instance we were using them to make dessert. All we did was assemble our smore in the same fashion we would for the campfire. We then placed them in the bag and on the grill. Within minutes we were presented with the classic treat. Once again we were left with no mess on the barbecue and the paks were easy to clean for future use.


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