If you’re searching for the hottest eBook titles on Amazon.com, you’ll probably find a lower price than on Amazon.ca. But if you’re living in Canada you won’t be able to buy the cheaper books.

Consumers have contacted Steele on Your Side to ask why there can be such a discrepancy in price; in some cases Canadian eBooks cost 25 per cent more than the identical book south of the border.

Amazon says pricing of titles from the Kindle store vary by your country and region due to differences in digital list prices, local market segment prices and tax rates. The company admits the price discrepancies can be a frustrating issue and say they’re always working with publishers to keep the cost of the books as low as possible.

eBooks aren’t the only products that Canadians can pay more for. Televisions, tires and groceries can cost anywhere from 10 to 50 per cent higher than the U.S.

A Canadian senate committee has been appointed to investigate price gaps between U.S. and Canadian consumer goods. It is expected to release its report on March 31, 2013.