A $3.3 million Lotto 649 jackpot split 22 ways may not be enough for a group of Langley, B.C. concrete plant workers to retire -- but it sure doesn't hurt.

The Rempel Bros. Concrete Ltd. employees matched all six numbers in the Aug. 24 jackpot draw using the same numbers most of them have been buying since March.

But one worker, Doug Fisher, only just joined in the lotto pool.

"This is my first play, but everybody else has been playing for a number of years," Fisher told CTV News as he and a few of his colleagues went to collect their winnings in Burnaby Wednesday morning.

Some said they plan to buy a new car for themselves or their children, while others intend to invest their roughly $150,000 share.

Most or all of them will be holding on to their jobs, Fisher said, though there's still plenty of excitement around the workplace.

"I'll tell you, truck drivers don't usually bear hug each other, but it was happening this week," he said.