VANCOUVER -- The pandemic has sparked a renovation boom.

When looking to upgrade or renovate a space, finding trusted people to do the work is imperative.

Sierra Projects is a local company that has executed successful construction projects to the highest standard that are both large and small.

On CTV Morning Live, Ava Famili, director of project design, joined the show to explain the company's process.

The Sierra Projects approach to all projects is very personalized. The team walks clients through their plan, design and build steps.

One of the first conversations Famili has with clients is budget. Once that is determined, the team works to bring their clients' dreams to life and outline the scope of work.

Sierra Projects founder Bruce Kornelsen shared that it brings immense satisfaction to see clients' reaction when the final project is unveiled.

Kornelsen has been involved for over 40 years in every discipline of the construction industry. That is why constructing clients' projects on schedule, on budget and with the highest quality workmanship is so important to him.

Being a local company, the Sierra Projects team strives to use sustainable, quality and locally sourced materials.

While on site all COVID-19 safety protocols are being adhered to.

The talented team at Sierra Projects is ready to re-imagine, re-design and renovate to rejuvenate spaces that people are spending a lot more time in.

Check out the full video from CTV Morning Live to learn more about the plan, design and build process.

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