An official complaint has been lodged with the NHL over the antics of Vancouver's infamous Green Men, according to the pair's Twitter account.

The men known as Sully and Force have become famous for heckling opposing players in the penalty box at Rogers Arena while dressed in green, skin-tight bodysuits.

Though the league has yet to comment, word is the duo could be barred from touching the glass and performing handstands.

On a Hockey Night in Canada panel Saturday night, former goaltender Glenn Healy supported a wrist-slap against the Green Men, describing them as a pair of clowns.

"We simply have had enough of looking at their rear ends and their crotches when players have to go to the box," Healy said.

"They've been more than a pain in the neck to almost every team that has played here."

It didn't take long for fans of the Green Men to rally on Facebook. A group, titled "Save the Vancouver Green Men," had amassed more than 300 members by Sunday afternoon.

The duo's official Facebook page has more than 82,000 fans.