VANCOUVER -- Everyone has heard the saying that a picture can say a thousand words. Brandon Hart of Brandon Hart Photography has brought that sentiment to life through his isolation portrait series.

Through his network he reached out to those who wished to be part of his physically distanced project. He felt compelled to document and capture this unique and unprecedented experience that the community was going through together.

Each participant was either photographed from their doorway or from their window. They all were asked to hold a message that portrayed what they were going through during this time.

Hart said the project has been one of the most meaningful of his career.

The participants expressed that they were enthusastic about taking part in the project. Their messages revealed deep emotions ranging from anger and sadness to joy. This raw display emulates what many in the community have been navigating within their own experience.

In the end Hart shared that the biggest take away was that we are all connected through this unprecendented time and that we will get through it together.

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