VANCOUVER -- For many Canadians buying a car is the second-largest purchase they will make in their lifetime.

Typically, consumers had only two options available: they could spend a lengthy visit at a dealership, or meet a stranger in a parking lot to negotiate a deal.

Cole Finnbogason, B.C. general manager at Clutch, joined CTV Morning Live to share how works.

This technology-first company wants to make the car buying process as easy as ordering pizza.

Consumers can browse the extensive inventory of cars on their site. They simply go through their online checkout process and can enjoy delivery right to their front door.

As Finnbogason says, it's as simple as "click, buy and drive."

Finnbogason acknowledged that typically people have concerns when it comes to price and quality of a pre-owned vehicle.

The Clutch team brings each car into their warehouse and conducts a detailed 210-point inspection.

This is a process that earns vehicles a Clutch Certified Standard.

They provide a 10-day money back guarantee for peace of mind. If it isn't the perfect car for the buyer then they will come pick it up and offer a full refund.

Clutch is able to be so competitive on price because they don't have the overhead of a fancy showroom.

They also don't have to worry about commission-based salespeople.

All of those savings are passed on to the consumer.

To learn more about the purchase process at, plus their sustainability intiatives, check out the full video from CTV Morning Live.

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