It's a hot, sunny week in Vancouver and it's not just people who are trying to beat the heat.

A video posted to social media by the Vancouver Aquarium shows three of their otters, Tanu, Katmai and Rialto, popping out of the water to enjoy some icy treats.

They've got colourful ice pops, which the aquarium says are "otterly delicious," as well as large icy disks decorated with edible art made of clam paste. 

The video shows the three of them filling up their paws with the treats, rolling in the pile of ice and licking away the edible designs. 

"We're soaking up every last second of summer – and so are Tanu, Katmai and Rialto," the aquarium's post on Twitter says. 

Anyone who wants to wach the otters play can take a look at the aquarium's live sea otter camera.