To the average eye most Christmas trees seem identical, but the experts say there's a lot to consider when you’re choosing your ideal holiday tree.

The experts at David Hunter Garden Centers sell Douglas, Noble, Grand and Fraser Firs, grown in the Fraser Valley.

Douglas Firs are the most popular family Christmas tree, with perfect pyramidal branches.

With stiff, well spaced out branches, Fraser and Noble Firs are some of the best for holding heavier ornaments.

Some, like the Grand Fir, have a nice fragrance to them and are the most aromatic of all of the trees.
Timing of when you buy and put your tree up is important, says Miles Hunter.

Hunter says if you’re putting a tree up in early December a Noble Fir or Fraser Fir will hold their needles right up until Christmas.  

But some of the other trees, like a Douglas Fir, will only hold their needles for about three weeks.  So you might be a bit early to buy if you’re looking for a tree that will last until the New Year.  

Another cool option is what's called a flocked tree. This is a type of paper sprayed onto a fir tree to mimic snow. It helps holds the needles onto the tree so you don't have to water it.

Live trees have grown in popularity for apartment dwellers who aren’t allowed to have a cut tree inside of their building.

The trees still have a live root ball and can be replanted outside after the holiday season.

Hunter says live trees are only suitable to be inside for about 10 days, and require a transition period before they are put back into the cold weather.

“Put it in a carport or garage -- somewhere it's a little protected -- before exposing it to the elements,” he said.  

The David Fraser Garden Centers offers the following tips to care for your Christmas tree to ensure it lasts as long as possible over the holidays:

  • Cut one inch off the bottom of the tree trunk and immediately immerse in a bucket of warm water
  • Always use a tree stand with a reservoir
  • Add Christmas tree preservative product to the water
  • Keep tree away from heating elements
  • Check the water every day