VANCOUVER -- A popular bar in Vancouver's Chinatown neighbouhood has abruptly announced it's closing its doors before the end of the month.

Mamie Taylor's shared the news on its Instagram page Monday, revealing the bar will soon be shutting down after seven years in business.

"This week will be our last," the post reads.

"Please drop by and say goodbye to everyone's favourite taxidermy filled bar in Chinatown."

Mamie Taylor's also invited customers to a closing party being thrown at the bar on Feb. 23.

The East Georgia Street establishment did not explain the reason it's shutting down, and owner Ron Oliver did not respond to an email from CTV News on Tuesday.

Back in 2018, Mamie Taylor's was forced to close for a day as health inspectors investigated a now-infamous social media video that appeared to show a rat in a bread bowl at another restaurant in Gastown.

At the time, Crab Park Chowdery had been preparing its soup at a commercial kitchen in Mamie Taylor's basement.

As a result of the headline-making incident, Mamie Taylor's cut ties with the Chowdery and stopped renting out its commissary kitchen, which Oliver said was not used to prepare food for the diners at his bar.

"Restaurants aren't meant to be messy, especially when you're preparing food. It's very important that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. There were a few issues about keeping things tidy and organization that were addressed and dealt with, but were continually ongoing," Oliver said at the time.