Newly public evidence in the brutal murder of Kimberly Proctor shows one of her killers talking about murdering a second girl in online chats and turning against his accomplice in interviews with police.

Seventeen-year-old Cameron Moffat spoke with police for nine straight hours on June 20, 2010, two months after he and Kruse Wellwood raped and murdered the Vancouver Island girl.

In a video of the interview released Wednesday, Moffat is adamant that Wellwood was the mastermind behind the killing. While 18-year-old Proctor was bound with duct tape in Wellwood's bedroom, Moffat claims he was ordered to sexually assault her.

"[He] was instructing me to do it repeatedly," Moffat says. "At one point, he like shuts me in his room with her and he's like, ‘Do it,' and I'm like, ‘I'm not.' Eventually he's just like screaming and stuff."

At one point during the vicious attack, Moffat says that Wellwood's probation officer called the house, and maybe even knocked at the door.

"I went and looked and nobody was there," he says.

Moffat tells Sgt. Mark Davidson, Sgt. Martin D'Anjou and Staff Sgt. Rob Parker that the murder was "the biggest adrenaline rush you've ever had."

Text messages revealed that on the night of the murder, Moffat tried to lure a second girl to Wellwood's house by text message; Proctor was dead at the time and her body was stuffed into a freezer.

In an online chat seven days after the murder, Moffat told Wellwood: "so since we killed that bitch and it wasn't to hard we should do it again [sic]."

He and Wellwood were sentenced as adults on Monday, receiving life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years.

A Victoria courtroom heard how the boys lured Proctor to Wellwood's home where they stuffed a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for hours.

A knife was used to mutilate her body and she eventually died. An autopsy revealed she suffocated because of the tape over her mouth.

The next day, the teens carried her body in a duffel bag on a public bus to the Galloping Goose Trail near Colwood, where they lit her on fire.

Online chats reveal genesis of the crime

In an online chat session on the day of the murder, Wellwood and Moffat went over their plan in detail, discussing how Wellwood would meet Proctor at a bus stop and bring her to his house.

They agreed they would bind her arms and legs, rape her and then fill her body with Drano when they were finished.

"I'm going to rip her nose ring out and burn it. BURN HER FLESH," Wellwood wrote.

The court heard last week that both boys had sex with Proctor's lifeless body before disposing of it.

Wellwood briefly dated Proctor in 2009, but she dumped him by text message. In an MSN chat shortly after, Wellwood complained: "really? A text message? You could have just called me."

Later, she asked him why he and Moffat were picking on her.

"Honestly, I don't care enough to pick on you. If I was picking on you I would have torn you apart mentally. You would probably kill yourself," Wellwood answered.

In his own MSN chats with Proctor, Moffat was explicit in his come-ons, trying to blackmail her to show him her breasts via webcam and inviting her to a party "in my pants."

On Nov. 17, 2009, Moffat changed his MSN name to "Necrophile experience."

In a chilling discussion that same day, Proctor told him that her pet rabbit had peed on her just before he died.

"YOU HAVE DEATH URIN ON YOU!!!!" Moffat responded. "Your going to die next [sic]."

In text messages and online discussions in the months leading up to the murder, the boys discussed their rape fantasies, and Wellwood told Moffat he wanted to tell one of their fantasy targets that he was a sociopath.

Psychiatrists have diagnosed both boys as psychopaths with little chance of rehabilitation.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington