It's looking likely the Vancouver Aquarium's new octopus will be named after Seth Rogen.

The public has been voting on potential names all week through the aquarium's Facebook page, and "Ceph Rogen" has taken a commanding lead. 

The name – a pun on cephalopod – had secured a whopping 91 per cent of the votes by Friday morning, thanks in part to an endorsement from the actor himself.

"Please vote for me to have an octopus named after me at the aquarium I grew up going to," Rogen wrote on Twitter Thursday.

With just a couple hours to go, it seems improbable the other candidate, "Octavia," can turn the tide. Two other options, "Luna" and "Houdini," fell by the wayside earlier in previous polls.

Rogen, who is appearing in next year's live action remake of "The Lion King," recently ended his side gig as transit announcer for TransLink.