VANCOUVER -- Shoppers in an outdoor B.C. mall were in for a surprise Monday when a bear was spotted wandering outside the stores.

In a video, sent to CTV News Vancouver by someone working at a flower shop in Kelowna's Guisachan Village Centre, a bear can be seen running past the window of the store. It then slows down before running across the street.

Shadae Kishor was on the phone with a customer when she spotted the bear, thinking it was a large dog at first.

"It was scary, probably more for the bear though," Kishor told CTV News Vancouver.

"It was also super strange because my co-worker and I had been talking about bears all morning. I had just said, not even an hour before, that I had never seen a bear in real life."

Kishor said the bear was "mangy little guy."

The bear didn't go into any shops, but walked around until Mounties chased him out of the area.

"The cops managed to encourage him to head away from Gordon Drive but he darted into one of the gated communities behind us," Kishor said. "Luckily most patrons in the mall had gotten inside quickly and we were safe."