Vancouver police are investigating after an opportunistic thief tarnished an otherwise picture-perfect wedding in Stanley Park over the weekend.

The culprit struck right in the middle of Julie Wilson and Bryan Ball’s ceremony, held Sunday afternoon overlooking English Bay from scenic Ferguson Point.

The only silver lining: the heartless crime may have been caught on camera.

Video of the wedding reveals a suspect picking up a case containing thousands of dollars’ worth of photography equipment and casually strolling off.

“He was pretending to be a guest and pretending to take photos, and he kind of scoped out where everyone’s purses and gear were,” photographer Martin Gregorian told CTV News.

“No one was looking at him. Everyone was looking at the couple.”

Fortunately, the photographer had all of his memory cards on hand, so none of the photos were lost.

But because the case contained Gregorian’s rental car keys, he was forced to stay with the vehicle until the company could arrive to pick it up hours later.

“I missed the reception,” he said. “Luckily, because the couple was so understanding we’re going to do a reshoot so they’re going to get the photos they want and they’re going to be happy.”

The bride’s brother Rob Wilson said he’s proud of his sister for how well she handled the situation, but he’s frustrated anyone would stoop low enough to target her big day.

“To roll up like that and have the balls to do that, to be so calm,” Wilson said. “I’m pissed off.”

Gregorian, of Butterfly Photography, said back-up gear and several lenses were stolen, but he’s still able to continue working.

Unfortunately, his insurance won’t cover the loss because the equipment was left out in public, though he argues there’s no other way a photographer can realistically shoot a wedding.

For now, Gregorian’s counting on someone to recognize the suspect and report him to police.

“I just hope I can get my camera gear back, and make the couple happy.”

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Scott Hurst