VANCOUVER -- DoorDash is apologizing after a food delivery driver working for the company was caught on camera stealing a package from a customer's doorstep in Surrey, B.C. Thursday.

Geraldine Paz posted security camera footage of the incident on her Facebook page.

In the video, a man can be seen approaching Paz's front door with a delivery bag. He removes a plastic bag with a takeout container inside and leaves it on the welcome mat, then, in the same motion, he grabs an Amazon package sitting on the mat and places it into his now-empty delivery bag.

The man quickly jogs back to his car and drives off just as the customer takes the food inside.

Paz tells CTV News Vancouver the Amazon package contained a set of baby pacifiers. She said she has contacted both DoorDash and the police about the incident.

In an email to Paz, DoorDash says the driver has been removed from the company's platform, meaning he can no longer deliver orders for the company. The email also provides information on how Paz can file an insurance claim with DoorDash's third-party insurance company.

DoorDash also provided the following statement to CTV News.

“This inappropriate and illegal behaviour is clearly not tolerated and we have permanently deactivated the Dasher from our platform. We have been in touch with the customer and apologize for the incident, and remain in contact with local law enforcement and stand ready to support.”

Surrey RCMP tell CTV News they are looking into the incident.